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Complimentary Loan Assist service

Here at Creditgenie, we know that looking for the right loan can be tedious and stressful. We decided to take the hassle out of looking for a loan by doing it for you , because we know you have better things to do with your time than searching for the best personal loan online.

Over the years, Creditgenie has built steady relationships with moneylenders and brokers in South Africa. When applying with Creditgenie, our system automatically matches your profile with the most suitable moneylenders and brokers based on the information you’ve provided, giving you the ultimate Loan Application experience online.

Please note that, as we are a loan - finding company, we cannot guarantee any interest rates or loan amounts and have no decision on the outcome of your loan application. However, we do offer you a guaranteed service in assisting you to find the best loan online.

So, if you need extra cash, we’ll help find you a loan even if you’ve previously been declined or have a bad credit score.

The best part - you can use your loan for whatever you want.


  1. Amounts from R1500 - R150 000
  2. Easy Online Application
  3. No Paperwork
  4. Fast Results

Simply follow the three easy steps to getting paid out your loan:

  1. Apply,
  2. Qualify, and
  3. Get Paid Out.

Legal and ID Assist

Legal Aid provides you with access to qualified attorneys giving you access to the best professional legal advice without paying expensive lawyers’ fees.

Many South Africans land in situations where Legal Aid is required. Our Legal Assist service was created to address that very need. These situations can be difficult and challenging, and usually occur when you least expect it.

Legal Assist

  • General legal assistance: legal advice with regard to criminal offences, fines, debts, contracts, divorce, maintenance and other legal assistance
  • Labour law advice: advice regarding unfair labour practices, basic wages, annual leave, disciplinary hearings and other labour related legal advice.
  • Motor vehicle accident: illegal removal of vehicle or towing of vehicle by unauthorised operators, vehicle damage repairs, injuries, third party claims and a message to the member's relative or contact person.
  • Road accident fund: legal advice as to when and how to process a legal claim with the Road Accident Fund and assistance with completing relevant legal forms.
  • Attorney referral service: the member will be offered a free, initial 30 - minute consultation, and if required, the attorney will draft one letter or make one telephone call to a third party. The member can then decide if he/she wants to continue with the referred attorney, but will be liable for subsequent fees agreed upon between the attorney and him /herself.
  • Standard legal documents: We will provide the member with the following when necessary:
    • A Divorce Kit;
    • A Small Claims Kit;
    • A Child Maintenance Kit;
    • Domestic employment agreements;
    • Lease agreements;
    • Purchase and sale agreement; and
    • Last will and testament.

ID Assist

ID Assist primarily assists you in preventing the illegal use of any identity information or document ation. The support line puts you in touch with relevant institutions or companies to block or stop cards and contracts. In addition, it facilitates replacement of IDs and related documentation such as drivers' licences, etc.

Product Benefits

  • Our legal advisor will assess all information provided by the member and advise him/her of the necessary legal steps to be taken.
  • We will provide the member with telephone and fax numbers, as well as email or website addresses to contact a credit bureau, driver's license testing station, home affairs department or other related organizations that will be able to assist him/her.
  • We offer a fraud prevention kit (consisting of helpful advice, guidance and reporting templates).

Remedial Service

  • The member will also be provided with a checklist via fax or email to enable him/her to record all steps taken and contacts made.
  • ID Assist will, in addition to the benefits already mentioned, also provide redress when identity information or documents have been used fraudulently by providing the member with the following templates:
    • fraudulent account notification template; and
    • notice of dispute of debit on existing account due to identity theft.

Financial Wellness Program

Many consumers apply for credit and are declined due to a bad credit score or over - indebtedness.

Our Financial Wellness Programme will assist you with:

1. Telephonic financial counselling

This service provides members with the ability to obtain impartial counselling on financial matters assisting them on financial issues such as:

  • Financial budgeting;
  • Income versus expenditure; and
  • Types of expenditure.

2. Debt Management

Debt management provides an interactive system which empowers the individual to start taking control of their financial position, thereby improving their financial awareness, self - discipline and overall control of their finances through the following mechanisms:

  • Debt consolidation; and
  • Financial goal setting.

3. Formal Debt Review

Members entering a formal debt review process will be assisted by one of our NCR accredited debt counsellors. The member will be liable for the costs of this process. However, this will be included in the repayment plan of the individual which will therefore not have a further negative financial impact on the member. The rates offered to members who access this service will be offered at a discount. The debt counsellor will also provide the following services:

  • Complete a financial needs analysis
  • Financial a udit of all accounts being paid
  • Recommend where credit can be restructured
  • Complete a detailed budget
  • Obtain debt information from creditors
  • Negotiate favourable payments with creditors
  • Follow up on budgets – ensure adherence

We believe that consumers need to be educated on how they can manage debts and even more so get themselves out of the debt trap, hence why we believe that every consumer can have financial freedom by seeking the correct advice.

Your Full Credit Report

When you apply for credit, the potential lender will review your credit score and this is where your credit report comes in.

Whether it’s a home loan, cellphone contract provider, or even a new employer – they will all take a strong interest in your credit history and credit score.

The information on your credit report covers different aspects of your credit behaviour, so it’s important to undertake a credit check regularly to identify and correct anything that may lead to a loan rejection.

Loan lenders usually know exactly what type of customer they’re looking for, so a loan rejection can sometimes be beyond your control. Regularly checking your credit report for errors is one of the best ways to make yourself a more financially attractive customer.

You’ll get a fully updated credit report four times per year (every quarter) which will be available for download on your Client Zone.

Access your credit report today by clicking here.

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